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Learning to Roleplay in Virtual Worlds

Pannie Paniscus

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     In these trying times, more people than ever are flocking to virtual worlds to try their hand at roleplay, finding little guidance available.

     In the spirit of 'show, don’t tell,' this ground-breaking book follows a newbie’s bumbling attempts to learn and get it right, with a pinch of adventure and a dash of humor. As he completes the quests, he learns the roleplaying basics and explores the roles of trader, healer, warrior, lover, and more.

     Several technical tips and abundant transcripts from actual roleplay are shared. Join us on this fascinating journey as you level up your roleplaying game.

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Author Bio

     Pannie approaches roleplay, not as 'just a game' but as a true art form, which he practices as seriously as musicians 'play' their instruments or athletes train for a 'game.' 

     In his various 'incarnations,' he has participated in virtual worlds for over a decade as an event host, estate manager, builder and, of course, roleplayer and supporter of roleplay regions.

     In real life, Pannie's 'mun' has served in dozens of countries on five continents as a trainer and educator, researcher and consultant, linguist, and author/co-author of both fiction and non-fiction works.

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"The word ‘roleplay’ implies ‘I’m pretending,’ and I don’t think that’s true... Human connection is human connection. We have human connection when we meet people face-to-face, and we have human connection virtually. Both are valid. I don’t think we should make assumptions about how people want to spend their time in virtual worlds, that it’s just an avenue for play. I see it as a space where people can be creative. It removes isolation… We’re just regular people who want to connect with other human beings across the world."

Carrie Tatsu, pioneer of virtual baby design

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