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Happy 2023 everyone! The year started with a bang with my full-length interview with Draxtor at the SL Book Club on January 11, 2023.

For an hour and a half (time flew!), we addressed several aspects of roleplay, including why and how I wrote the book Learning to Roleplay in Virtual Worlds using "narrative non-fiction" to reflect a rich diversity of roleplaying styles and approaches, roleplaying as more than a game but rather a collaborative, interactive art form that contributes to personal growth, how roleplay enables us to experience sexism, racism and classism first hand, and how real the 'real world' actually is.

We discussed using backstories and profiles to identify (as) potential roleplayers, no-nos such as powerplay or godmodding, metagaming and chain/cross posting, how to enrich ERP and CARP as two of the the most common activities, roleplay styles and crafting better emotes (versus gestures) and expressing body language (not just animations), and what IC and OOC are and why & how to keep them separate, including a funny story about how I managed to save an imposed OOC problem.

We also covered the use of synchronous and asynchronous RP in virtual worlds, keeping RL out of RP situations, using economic systems (ECs) and NPCs as props, using 'lurking' to learn better roleplay, and using roleplay as part of practicing your craft for authors. Finally, I announced my other activities inworld, including a discussion event at WoRPG on Wednesdays at 4pm SLT.

In case you haven't seen it, Drax and Pannie also had a shorter conversation during the SL Book Club Free-for-All on December 21, 2022, available here.


What did you think after viewing the video? Do you disagree with anything or have something to add? An example from your own experience, maybe? Please leave a comment below to make this a conversation. Thanks!

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